Kazan 2017 reactions: Master Class Qualifying

Pilotos talk about their preparation

McLeod with winning face

It's been a thrilling day in the track, Pete McLeod has made it three Qualifying successes in a row. Here's how he, and the rest of the pilots, feel the day's flying went....

Yoshihide Muroya

"In the first run there was a mistake – I was going to hit a pylon so I tried to avoid it. In the second run, the flight was kind of solid, but the time was really slow so we're checking the engine now and maybe something will improve tomorrow. We will stick to the same lines, but check the plane now."

Martin Sonka
"It was a super interesting flight because we were solving some technical issues at the apron right until just before starting the engine. I over-G'd in the first run and it was a lesson. I would've been happy but because there is a guy that's 1.7s faster than us, I can't be happy."


Pete McLeod
"It felt good out there for sure, it went to plan. It was good to get a first clean run and then I went max risk in the second run. I was surprised to hear the 54s – I thought if I didn't hit a pylon I would've got 55. I only had one run in FP3 and that was clean and it's so close from zero to hero. You don't get any points for Qualifying. But ultimately I've got to bring the same game tomorrow."


Kirby Chambliss
"I saw that Pete went out and smoked my time so I'd rather win it, but we're on the board. We're always going out there to try and win so hopefully we can do that. We can't control the weather, so we're not going to dwell on tomorrow's conditions. We're just going to go out there and do our best. I was conservative in the first run, and went faster in the second... hopefully we can push it further in tomorrow's race."


Petr Kopfstein
"We didn't want to risk too much today, we wanted a solid time and wanted to be in the middle of the pack because this track doesn't really suit us. But no penalties or pylon hits and we're gaining speed and so we are happy."


Matthias Dolderer
"I tried to fly clean and I got penalties in both runs. And now my only option is to fly clean tomorrow against Kirby. I'm flying first so I will have to set a good pace. It's been a strange season so far for me, my confidence is low and I don't know how to fix it."


Juan Velarde
"I had a pylon hit in the first run, so that put me under a lot of pressure for the second run, so I couldn't fly so aggressively. I flew without any mistakes, but the time wasn't so good. That put us in an uncomfortable situation for tomorrow."


Michael Goulian
"I went out there and wanted to duplicate what I did yesterday. I relaxed to try to set a good time and be error free. And then I could push harder in the second run. I wanted to hear my name in first place and sometimes you're in the plane and it feels fast, but then you hear your time – that's what happened out there."


Nicolas Ivanoff
"The conditions are really good out there, especially when compared to Budapest. I tired to fly as fast as possible in my first run and my time is good for tomorrow. I feel good in the plane and am getting a good sensation from the plane. I like this track, especially the turn between Gate 3 and 4 and with the weather, it feels good. I fly better when I feel well. I also feel at home here in Russia."


Peter Podlunsek
"Overall 57.5s was a good time. It was tough to go early as the wind was high, it was dropping for the later guys so they got quicker times, but overall I'm satisfied with my flight. I was conservative, but I'm pleased with my time."


Matt Hall
"I'm happy with how I flew. It wasn't a Qualifying time but I've been consistent. Getting through Gate 7 with a nice line is always challenging, but with the westerly wind it makes Gate 3 and 4 slightly easier. It's been a good weekend so far and we're looking good for tomorrow."


Mikael Brageot
"I was feeling very good in the aircraft and when Jimmy [DiMatteo] called me announcing the wind was 15kts instead of the 20kts I had earlier I was confident and I went through the Start Gate with a comfortable speed. Everything was on the right side and then when I pulled at Gate 4, I knew it was too much. Hopefully we will be on the good side for tomorrow's race and let's see what happens."


Cristian Bolton
"We're totally satisfied and really happy with the result. I did a clean run on the first one and our goal was to be below the minute, sadly I didn't make it. It's really tricky out there and the wind is really strong, so it was a different track from yesterday and we put together one clean run and that's perfect."


François Le Vot
"It was not a very successful day. I'm very frustrated now, it's not a very positive way of thinking. I could've flown five runs today, three in FP3 and two in Qualifying, but because of what happened I didn't fly any. So five flights less than the others, which is quite a number especially as I need more time in my raceplane. So it was not a good day, but tomorrow will be better."


The Master Class pilots will be racing from 14:00 local time tomorrow. Catch all the action HERE!